Sunday, July 30, 2006

Carnival of the Infosciences #47

We got two submissions for the "Carnival of the Infosciences".

One from Mark Lindler pointing to Family Man Librarian's post about the visibility of library services on homepages. If you go to your organization's homepage (a university, say), will you see a link to the library right there? Or do you have to dig a while? Family Man Librarian finds it troubling "that the library'’s online presence needs to be defended so often, and that there is frequently an assumption that the link to the library should be buried somewhere within an institution'’s site."

The other submitted post is from David Bigwood at Catalogablog. He suggests using the Semacode application in libraries. (You might also read previous posts here, here, and here for more on that subject from ISHUSH, and here for more on that from Library Journal. See also Kaywa QR code.) David asks: "What if our barcodes or RIFD tags linked to some content a user could access with their phone? How about tagging an exhibt to connect with other resources both in and out of the library?"

Thanks Mark and David.
Thanks, all, for reading.

Next up will be Connecting Librarian with Carnival #48 on 7 August.

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