Tuesday, April 04, 2006

cell phones in the library 3

{see: "Phones are 'Everyware'", Library Journal, July 2006}

Semacode graffiti: [vandalism of library books, or grassroots reclamation of noosphere (taking the ideaspace out of the hands of monied publishers)?]

A patron reads a book, has some ideas about it, makes some semacode, sticks it on the back cover. The code is easy to print on sticker labels. It looks like this:

Another patron checks out the book, reads it, has some ideas about it, and clicks the semacode tag with her cellular camera...

The code reveals a page rich with uncondoned content, arguments both bolstering and attacking the arguments in the original text, times and places for meet-ups to discuss the material in real-time and face-to-face, related books and websites for further reading, relevant online glossaries, related media files (including vlogs, lectures, tutorials, etc.), and other applications as needed. So much content is created about the book, that this supporting material outweighs the original text. It's all pro-bono, it's all about ideas, it's all for fun, it's all about debate and communication.

Illegal, rude, unauthoratative?

Such graffiti would be a blessing to libraries and to publishers.


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