Thursday, February 07, 2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

lecturing the choir

Do folks (besides librarians) really want to sit around in seat-spots pretending to be good while some expert whinges on and on about the terrible state of gender inequity in virtual economies? Or what? When folks can fly, wouldn't they rather be flying and maybe catch the lecture on their virtual headphones? Or what? I mean, is that what we really reckon our patrons want to do... when they could be flying?

institutional license?

Wonder if libraries could get some kind of a 4 or 5 device unlimited access variation agreement going? Use the keitai to push and pull info with patrons' keitai. Kaywa tag bookclub selections to discussion forums, a webliography... build and push mobile catalog search widgets... that kind of thing.

second skin

Unfair, maybe, to bring it up based only on two minutes of trailer for the film... but what about ethnicity?

Looks good. Hope to see it.

fbi to create biometric database w/ tattoo mapping

...scar imaging, retinal and fingerprint scans, all of it [link].
Bioinformatic dominance in the name of security.
[via BoingBoing]

"Papers please! Paperless persons are illegals. Now you wear your papers. Your tattoos are taken under immanent domain as intellectual property of the state!"

Imagine librarians freelancing, nights, as pattern snoopers in a database of body smells.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

info tools at AFCEA

Just noting the 'products, services, and solutions' for battlefield and support at AFCAE West this year includes:

• Battle Damage Assessment
• Biotechnology
• Bandwidth Compression and Synchronization
• Collaboration & Collaborative Tools
• Combat ID Perimeter Security
• Common Operating Picture (COP)
• Data Architecture
• Data Encryption
• Data Manipulation and Analytical Tools
• Data Mining & Warehousing
• E-Commerce & E-Business
• Electronic Warfare Equipment
• Electronically Enhanced Education
• Enterprise Architecture
• Global Positioning Systems
• Information and Intelligence Fusion
• Information Operations, Assurance and Security
• Interoperability – Joint and Coalition
• Knowledge Enabled Logistics
• Knowledge Management & Leadership Decision Making
• Nanotechnology
• Network Centric Warfare
• Shared Intel Databases at Multiple Security Levels
• Simulations & Modeling
• Streaming Video
• Visualization Technologies
• Voice over IP
• VTC – C2 System
• Wireless Solutions, Networking and Security

and several other info-heavy tool suites...

Of course, STAR-TIDES is there representing. Much respeck.

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