Friday, August 07, 2009

cc open id

via bq:

""Says open source advocate Chris Messina in a recent blog post on CC OpenID:
"Creative Commons is redistributing the brand equity and social capital their members have accrued over the last several years by letting people show and verify their affiliation to the organization.

With this simple example, we can start to see the symbiosis of making an intentional choice about identity: Creative Commons finds a new revenue opportunity and members of the community have a way to express their affiliation and promote the brand."

heather liggett on npr

Here's Ms. H. Liggett's twitter page. NPR's M. Brand (?) interviewed her on Fri. afternoon. Go take a look for yrself at her activism-type work:

Some good old libertarianista type ideas there, but not often fully formed... I wouldn't trade a corporate oligarchy for a collectivist-leaning republic, I don't think... but maybe some "libertarians" would. What would Ron Paul do?

use yr infoskillz

Here you go, see if you can find problems with Maddow's logic here:

Maybe you can't. But who else is going to try? And who the frak else is dissecting the layers of oligarchy at