Wednesday, November 28, 2007

lost patrol

What I like is their surf-rock sound, but that it's done darkly. Dark surf-rock. Mmm, hm. That's The Lost Patrol I'm talking about. Edges toward "smart goth", if there is suchathing. Harder and meaner-eyed than "Emo" (though that ain't hard to pull off). Spooky. Rockin. Yessir, I like it.

I like the drums & vocals, but I love the guitar work.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

yahoo! design innovation team

Take a look at Bookscape, and the movie demo there... Reminds of Seadragon:


“The Open Library project (part of the Internet Archive) has scanned and digitized about 2,600 illustrated books for children, all full of about 250,000 illustrations total. It it hard to see all the pictures without paging through each book however, so this experimental interface uses dynamic resampling of image data to place all the images in one zoomable space, arranged alphabetically by title.”
(via infosthetics)

kdice tips and strategy

Here in my experience with kdice, I've noticed a few things.

. Don't overreach. Especially early in the game.

. Stay with a few territories and build them up.

. That's important, so I repeat: don't go spreading yourself thinly on the board. That won't last. Not sustainable.

. Be tenacious -- two of the most important factors: patience and stubbornness. If you don't give up, you'll earn a higher place than if you do. That means if you just have one territory left -- with one die on it, hang on. Then you'll have two dice next round, if you're not conquered, and you may have a chance to come back.

. Don't trash talk. It's a distraction. Just play.

. Remember defense. Think twice before you use a big force to conquer a small territory in a corner -- try and move your larger forces out to the edges where you can count on them to better fend off attacks.

. Don't be self-centered -- and what I mean is, think about what the other players have to do to win. Think about what you would do if you were them. Then you can see how they're likely to move, and you can plan to attack or defend accordingly. If you're too self-focused, you won't see that you're in somebody else's way -- you won't see that they're planning to eat you for lunch. So think outside yourself.

. Be loyal to your territories. Don't desert them, build them up when you can, and think of them as actual provinces with people trying to make a living from the land there. It invests you in gameplay and boosts your will to win.

on linkedin

Experimenting with social networks beyond MySpace now. Here's my LinkedIn profile:

MySpace, I just use
1) to find and listen to music
2) as a personomic placeholder for finding (and being found by) old friends
3) to continue publishing my kernels... and kernels somehow require the chintzy couch of MySpace... that may change, but for now they'll remain there.

But Facebook and LinkedIn,,, they have a whole different feeling. I think in these it may be possible to really do some interesting things.
...If only they folded in Ning tools and Google Docs... made workflows, files, and tasks so social.

Monday, November 26, 2007

context, gentlemen. context, ladies.

note to self: Michael Gorman's take on Web 2.0, also something abt Bruce Sterling.
hierarchy of maturity in social networking sites? myspace v. linkedin, etc.
context! rather than grazing for memes?
"smarm mobs" of warrenellis readers.
context, please please, dear webheadeds.

fundamental particles info viz

Via Sterling, this New Scientist vid:

"This elegant model by Garrett Lisi may at last reveal the link between gravity and the other fundamental forces of nature."

arphids in ascendance

Evans, Woody. "Arphids in Ascendance," American Libraries, June 2007. p. 58.
[arphids] [exp. in search indexing] [rfid]