Tuesday, November 27, 2007

on linkedin

Experimenting with social networks beyond MySpace now. Here's my LinkedIn profile:

MySpace, I just use
1) to find and listen to music
2) as a personomic placeholder for finding (and being found by) old friends
3) to continue publishing my kernels... and kernels somehow require the chintzy couch of MySpace... that may change, but for now they'll remain there.

But Facebook and LinkedIn,,, they have a whole different feeling. I think in these it may be possible to really do some interesting things.
...If only they folded in Ning tools and Google Docs... made workflows, files, and tasks so social.

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Anonymous said...

well facebook & linkedin are most happening networking sites as of now. Myspace is good but its too complicated, where as the other 2 are cool. Both linkedin & facebook no doubt are different from each other, one is towards social networking & the other is towards business networking. Users have different choice between social & business network. Facebook & linkedin has become more easy to access as they can be accessed on mobile without internet via sms.