Tuesday, November 27, 2007

kdice tips and strategy

Here in my experience with kdice, I've noticed a few things.

. Don't overreach. Especially early in the game.

. Stay with a few territories and build them up.

. That's important, so I repeat: don't go spreading yourself thinly on the board. That won't last. Not sustainable.

. Be tenacious -- two of the most important factors: patience and stubbornness. If you don't give up, you'll earn a higher place than if you do. That means if you just have one territory left -- with one die on it, hang on. Then you'll have two dice next round, if you're not conquered, and you may have a chance to come back.

. Don't trash talk. It's a distraction. Just play.

. Remember defense. Think twice before you use a big force to conquer a small territory in a corner -- try and move your larger forces out to the edges where you can count on them to better fend off attacks.

. Don't be self-centered -- and what I mean is, think about what the other players have to do to win. Think about what you would do if you were them. Then you can see how they're likely to move, and you can plan to attack or defend accordingly. If you're too self-focused, you won't see that you're in somebody else's way -- you won't see that they're planning to eat you for lunch. So think outside yourself.

. Be loyal to your territories. Don't desert them, build them up when you can, and think of them as actual provinces with people trying to make a living from the land there. It invests you in gameplay and boosts your will to win.


lexx said...

nice tips!

Anonymous said...

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GriefingGlitcher said...

My advice is:
PGA with as many people as you can on Kdice - don't be afraid to ask, and do anything to win.

-Axl Rose Sucks

Oh and by the way I created a blog that is attached to my profile on kdice, I write about my experience / history with the game, I discuss all my bans & how and why I fucked about on the game.