Wednesday, February 06, 2008

institutional license?

Wonder if libraries could get some kind of a 4 or 5 device unlimited access variation agreement going? Use the keitai to push and pull info with patrons' keitai. Kaywa tag bookclub selections to discussion forums, a webliography... build and push mobile catalog search widgets... that kind of thing.


Spencer Smith said...

Do you ever think we overestimate the technological advancement of our patrons?

WE said...

Yeah, I think we do sometimes. I do. But I'm trying to think abt the tools as something teachable -- even if they don't 'get it' or my boss doesn't 'get it', the addition and use of a new info tool will help them learn something about info generally -- something about finding, evaluating, reckoning through the uses of the content and the medium or tool. The gizmo is a teachable moment for library, for patron, and for community.

Given, this can be an expensive gamble.

What do you think?

Spencer Smith said...

I think I'm working with patrons at public libraries. This means 3 things: Number 1- they generally don't even have an e-mail address. 2- They actually think they are going to get a free Xbox 360 or Ipod. and 3- they are not interested in learning if it is in any way difficult. They would much rather ask me to do it for them.

That aside, I think for a library to rationalize the money it would take to gamble, they want it to be a sure thing. That's why we don't have very many trailblazing libraries. That's why they run down innovation until it is safe and doesn't scare the people that can fire them.

I'm all about growing in leaps and bounds though; any other type of growth is just falling behind at this point for the profession. Of course, I'm about giving the patrons what they need, not what they want... but nobody listens to me.