Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A great resource on Isaac Newton and the bleed-over between science and alchemy in his day:
The Chymistry of Isaac Newton from Indiana University.

'The Chymistry of Isaac Newton is devoted to the editing and exposition of Newton's alchemical work. With the support of the National Science Foundation, this scholarly online edition is one part of an integrated project that combines new research on Newton's chymistry with an online edition of his manuscripts in both diplomatic and normalized texts. In the future, the edition will include all of Newton's chymical writings in word-searchable form with annotations indicating their sources and the degree of Newtonian input into them. In addition, we intend to provide high quality digital scans of Newton's chymical manuscripts, so that the reader can compare our transcriptions to the original handwriting and drawings in the manuscripts.'

The project includes an alchemical glossary and symbol guide, along with other goodies for teachers and researchers.


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