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From Ultraculture Gate:


'Ultraculture Massive

A reminder message to all interested. This Sunday is the first Ultraculture ritual.

All those who may wish to participate are welcome to do so freely and of their own volition.

The statement of intent is “Manifest Ultraculture as a working, open magickal collaboration, empowered to create positive change in the world, without causing suffering to any, and completely protected from misuse, corruption or interference from ill-meaning or self-serving forces.”

The method is any ritual, traditional or self-invented, which you feel most comfortable and effective with.

General guidelines on basic ritual construction can be found here:

All those who wish to participate will from thereon be considered aligned with the Ultraculture, which is not a physical organization of any stripe, but an idea. A developing, loosely affiliated magical current which aims at the construction, on all levels, by each individual in their own unique and self-directed way, of positive adaptive strategies to Twenty-First Century life.

We will never seek to do anything but broadly suggest practices and areas of inquiry that we have found personally useful. We do not “run” this show and neither does anybody else, and if anybody tells you otherwise, ignore them.

Individuals interested in the idea of an Ultraculture will find a direct method (many thanks to my friends Danny, Colin and Mr. Truth-of-the-Human-Condition for suggesting this one), which is the practice of Tonglen.

Visualize the suffering of all life. Every person, animal, spirit. Deformed, irradiated Iraqi babies moving in their slicked cots. Celebrities terrified of stalkers, shivering and alone behind their cultivated smiles. Beggars in India given forcible amputations by mafia doctors to increase their earning potential for their masters. Rich politicians and executives terrified of losing their wealth and trapped by their addiction to power. Your friends. Your enemies. You. Everybody and everything.

Visualize suffering as black smoke. With every in-breath, take the suffering of the world into your heart; breathe it all in, take it all in. Watch it dissipate in the secret central chamber of the heart. Now breathe out pure compassion for all life.

I hear doing this for long enough makes you a Buddha, but all religious doctrine aside I personally find it’s the only “spiritual” technique I’ve ever been satisfied with as being absolutely pure, the best way to truly get glimpses of overcoming the selfishness of the ego, to attain peace of mind, to keep happy and the best way to orient myself towards the world.

This, more than specific rituals, is the essence of this “Ultraculture” thing, and I have found its daily and regular use, with the goal of consciously tying it to each breath cycle at least six times a day, to be the most “real” thing I have as of yet found in religion and magic alike.

This can become a very strong guiding principle for your life. No monastery or complex ceremonialism required, unless that’s your thing. No gods, no priests, no secrets. Just your life, re-oriented towards decreasing suffering for all. A positive node in the cosmic network. And make no mistake—this is hardly “wishful thinking” or “creative visualization,” it’s heavy psychic lifting, and you don’t have to be a quote “magician” or a Buddhist or anything except a person in order to do it and perfect it.

Do that regularly and you’ll be so freaking Ultraculture that you’ll be too cool to even call yourself Ultraculture.

This is my will. I birth this child into the world, cut the cord and have faith that She will grow up healthy and strong and make me proud, and trust in you to help her become something capable of pouring light and compassion into this world.

Love is the Law, Love Under Will.


[The original notice, in case anybody missed it:

It’s now been nine months since the release of Generation Hex and the seeding of the Ultraculture idea. Nine months to get it circulated, get a rise in people’s attention, toss a few cryptic remarks out, provoke the naysayers, and eventually lose people’s interest. So, the hype now out of the way, we can birth it and get something a bit more genuine going.

First off, it’s just a word. Any grouping of two or more magicians can be considered an ultraculture. Ultraculture is a word for a social movement that is quite merrily occurring all on its own. Use the word if you like. Use the symbol in any way you deem fit to identify yourself, if you like.

Now, as to the “talk is cheap” part. We’re not interested in organizing people, telling people how to think or creating another online forum. There’s one way to learn magick, and that’s by doing it. So here’s a chance to do some.

The Ultraculture website will act as an open focus for monthly world-changing magick, the aim being to raise energy to encourage positive evolutionary developments that benefit the entire human race, in as specific and directed of a way as possible, working with the world instead of against it. Sure, it’s been done before. Sure, tons of other people, from your local meditation circle to your local Christian church, are doing the same thing as we speak. Good. What else you gonna do?

Ritual will be planned the first Sunday of every month. An intent for ritual will be posted on the website well ahead of time. No specific ritual will be recommended—all who choose to participate are welcome to use any method for manifesting the posted intent that they feel most comfortable with, although sample methods will be offered that can be customized by anybody who might happen to want to participate.

Anybody who chooses to do so is welcome to do ritual to manifest the posted intent on the day specified. They are also welcome to keep their participation completely to themselves.

Each month a new intent will be posted, drawn from current headlines and emerging trends. Eventually a system for recommending and voting on intents will be in place (in the meantime, you can suggest them to

I’ll be doing the first ritual on Sunday, August 6. The intent will be “Manifest Ultraculture as a working, open magickal collaboration, empowered to create positive change in the world, without causing suffering to any, and completely protected from misuse, corruption or interference from ill-meaning or self-serving forces.” If anybody happens to want to do a ritual for the same intent on the same day, good for you.

Future intents will be for assisting, in specific ways, climate change, renewable energy, defanaticization, universal human rights, cultural diversity and the like. Remember, though, that the truest and most direct way to change the world is to gain understanding of, and to purify, your own mind (i.e., mind considered as a non-local field, as in “All is Mind”), a life-long, and painful—though ultimately rewarding—process. The Ultraculture art project can be used as one focus in your personal process, and a means of accumulating positive karma alongside those of similar persuasion. That’s the main point—beware lust of result.

We take no responsibility for anybody who happens to be inspired by this website to do ritual on their own time and of their own volition. This is not an organization of any type, nor do we condone any specific practices of any sort.

That’s it. Everything else is hype. Participate or don’t. Tell others or don’t.

At your leisure.]'

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