Monday, July 31, 2006

13 comics: Warren's free webcomics portal?

From Publishers Weekly / The Beat:

Warren Ellis to Launch Free Webcomics Portal

Warren Ellis is putting his money where his mouth is with his interets in webcomics, according to a post by Joey Manley at Comixpedia:

I am working with Warren Ellis to launch a free webcomics portal using the new Webcomics Nation Collective Edition Engine. This latest addition to the Modern Tales family will be all free, all the time, and defined by ‘Warren Likes This Stuff.’ He’ll be making a call for submissions soon. Gary Chaloner will be designing the site. This is the first new (as opposed to pre-existing) site to launch with the beta version of the WCN Collective Edition engine, soon to be a commercial product available to anybody who wants to launch a multi-creator webcomics portal (your own Keenspot or Modern Tales, in other words) inexpensively and with ease. The name of Warren’s new site, and its URL, will be announced soon, probably at The Engine.

That could be good. The more I learn about Webcomics, the more interested I am -- and it will be nice to have a bunch of them curated for me by a writer I like, so I don't have to sort through lots of junk for days before finding the good stuff. Read Scott McCloud's thinking on the "infinite canvas" if you haven't already...

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