Wednesday, August 02, 2006

your library just got smarter

After thinking on for a bit, I'm really really excited:

This is like taking the best from post-Google web interfaces (simplicity of design, aesthetic appeal, and making web tools people-centered [“find books in a library near you”!]) and putting it to work for our libraries. This is big-boy Library 2.0 business, here. This is the sort of 2.0 that means so much business it actually brings virtual and real worlds closer together. This is the sort of 2.0 operation that'll hasten A.I. Hasten that viridian and silver future of truly ubiquitous and benevolent computation. This is the kind of move that's going to save libraries. I can't say enough, or I'll say too much. I'd better stop.

Excited, yes yes: this is me wearing rose-tinted augmented-reality specs.

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