Sunday, September 23, 2007

STAR-TIDES site: live!

Lots of folks have been working hard to get the STAR-TIDES project running, and now they've got a site:
Transportable Infrastructures for Development and Emergency Support is all about using low-cost, culturally and environmentally sustainable technologies to solve problems related to disaster relief and refugee situations.
see also:

This is government, business, academia, and volunteers from other camps choosing to do good and find real workable solutions that go far beyond mitigation of disasters. This work may have positive repercussions on microeconomic environments in the developing world -- giving folks there a chance to use infrastructure and tools which come very cheap to us as a springboard for doing business and trading with others in their communities in a way that has less negative impact on their ecosystems, is individually empowering and frugal, and builds alliances locally and globally. This is a good thing.