Monday, September 24, 2007

silversword occult search

Silversword -- a Google Custom Search I built to help folks find more authoritative sources for occult inquiries. "When your practice demands a higher level of fidelity and quality, start here." It pulls from digitized book projects and archives, so you get a lot of academic primary sources. Also pulls in reprints and English editions of various old sutras, grimoires, bestiaries, church commentaries, etc. It's strongest (at the moment) in Hermetic areas, but I'm trying to boost its neo-pagan trove. Might be moving into the mystical streams of established religions more heavily later. I've added refinements (advanced search tabs) for finding info in local meetings, covens, other points of contact, one that looks specifically in academic sources (peer review journals, etc.). There's a few other minor bells and whistles I'm building into it. Definitely not for the light-hearted wanderings through geocities Wiccan pages or through eBay vendors trading rune cards or iron-on Thelemic charms...
Here, try it: Codex Gigas anyone?

Links to the tool:
or tiny url:

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(link to also see: nonagnostic)

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