Sunday, September 23, 2007

sharepoint foray

Just starting to tinker with Microsoft's Sharepoint at work... in a way the whole idea has been slow to catch on... but in another, this idea is a little ahead of its time. Well, maybe not ahead of its time so much as ahead of the bureau-kultur it's moving into. I like the possibilities -- something more collaborative and news-feed-like than e-mail, and more authoritative and focused and definitive than a wiki space... and with a hint of MySpace-for-the-office. I'm intrigued.
This at Brinety Spears on SharePoint... wasn't she some kind of showman from the 90s?

Anyways. The social 'web 2.0' for the workplace is getting real -- with real tools that may help us to share ideas better. That's good.

Wonder why Google Apps hasn't struck a similar corporate or bureau nerve? Is the friendliness and freeness off-putting? Do we prefer our sinister software powerhouses to be more grim and bald-faced about their intent to make money?

Interestedly watching, I remain...

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