Monday, September 25, 2006

banned books week post 9/11

So a patron wanders in because she saw our sign about Banned Books Week.

"Hi," she says. "I saw that it was Banned Books Week. What the heck is that?" Her worried brow made it clear she thought it was the week the library banned its books.

"Well, since the terrorist attacks on our nation five years ago, the federal government," (here the blood drained further from her face, causing her cute little brown specs to stand out in high contrast) "has started requiring all publicly funded libraries to discard or ban one-tenth of one percent of our collection that has some sympathetic leanings toward the ideology of terrorist organizations." I give her a cheery grin. "See? And we'd rather not throw our books away, so we just ban them for a week."


"Just kidding!" Then I told her all about the ALA and how zealous we librarians are to prevent such a thing. You gotta have fun with this, right?

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