Monday, September 25, 2006

2 library program idea

RFID tags aren't toys... Arphid tags are!

From the badlands east of Hattiesburg, we welcome Doc Coyote and her troupe of Happy Hairy Hackers.

Learn! How to manipulate data on RFID chips.
Explore! The wonders of interactive "arphid" projects.
Meet! Local hacktivists with an eye to make the Internet tangible.

Doc Coyote is an old hand at making, breaking, and re-writing RFID chips with home-made, hand-held RFID reader/scanners.* She'll teach you how to build your own with parts from WalMart and RadioShack for less than $30. So bring your soldering iron and an open mind to your local library this Friday night at 6:30.** Go ahead, take the red pill! And welcome to "the Internet of things!"

*The library in no way assumes any responsibility for any theft, fraud, invasion of privacy, or distribution of misinformation that its patrons may participate in after learning these skills.
**Library patrons are strongly discouraged from using any skills learned at this program to manipulate the RFID chips in library books. If such tampering can be proven, any guilty patrons would be excommunicated from the library forever and ever and ever and ever. And ever.

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