Tuesday, July 25, 2006

virtual reality and time travel

Quick note.

Thinking on the uses of a virtual reality -- or augmented reality, actually -- and thinking that to me, in my life, one of the best applications would be the ability to spend lots of virtual or augmented time doing something, and have that something take up very little "real" time. To have my mind affected by the VR or AR process in such a way that I could use three seconds of real time to read a chapter of a book, practice playing the guitar, or post a blog entry. Like they did in the Matrix, but not quite as "jacked in" -- more on-the-fly like. More ad-hoc. Like you could use the time you were sitting in traffic at a red light to complete the Chen Style taiji long form, then snap right out of it and get your truck in gear and go.

Dilating and contracting time as you go, as needed, to learn new skills or accomplish tasks.

That'd be great.

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