Tuesday, July 25, 2006

waggin' my chinese

Taking a cue from Dr. Nokes at Unlocked Wordhoard, I think we've got a Chinese ISHUSH on our hands. There's a "beta" translate button in Mandarin beside your Google search results when you use the google.com.cn interface to search for roman lettered words now. Another minor synchronicity. I've been feeling an odd itch to learn that language since I got back from Free China a couple of years ago (never felt much of a pull to learn it while I lived there...). Maybe one of these days I'll take the urge seriously and start practicing my tones.


Dr. Richard Scott Nokes said...

OK, I admit, I don't understand the Chinese pages ... does this mean that someone out there is selecting our posts for translation, or does this mean that someone is doing a Google search in China, and Google automatically translates the posts when they come to our pages?

Woody Evans said...

Dear Doc, I believe it means both. Someone can select your site for translation into Chinese thru Google And/Or someone can search for "Nokes Rocks Medieval Lit" in the google.cn (Chinese Google) portal, see your site in the result, and get a translation that way. Both ought to work. Best, WE