Thursday, July 20, 2006

From a January posting at Presentation Zen:

'Contrasts in presentation style: Yoda vs. Darth Vader

Edward Tufte says: "PowerPoint is Evil." This got me thinking... What if Darth Vader — my favorite fictional bad guy — gave a formal presentation? How would it look? How would it compare to the presentation style of Yoda, the wise Jedi master?

In this horribly embellished image above, Darth tries to get Luke to capitulate and join forces by presenting in an "evil PowerPoint style." We know in this galaxy, though, that this approach never really works.

Size and age matter not. Might Yoda take a more "naked" analog approach?'


Hmmm. Trying to figure out if and/or how this might be applicable to my library instruction classes.

In the current instantiation, my class is more like Vader's .ppt. What might be the uses of Yodafying things? And how?

Lessee. Establishing the student/teacher ontological framework might be a start. Why did you come down to muddy old Dagobah from your lofty classrooms? (Take the quiz, man, and see the need you have for this.)

And, after all's done, let's leave early, get away from this smartboard, go out to touch some books, smell them, see that this is a 'real-time' and 'meatspace', Here & Now kind of situation-- not some murky future promise of glory to be had through the Dark Side of cut-n-paste, plagiarism, and shallow understanding. Not some airy-fairy ethereana that will let you slide through your classes without a deeper understanding of the material, nono.

Here and now. Do, or don't do.

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