Wednesday, July 19, 2006

dirty books

I love this post at Pegasus Librarian.

"...While shepherding them through exercises to give them practice with print and online resources, one of my coworkers overheard a student saying, 'I hate books. They're so dirty.'"

Ha! Meatspace, huh. A disgusted shudder as the student contemplates meeting a friend in "real-time", too.

It goes on to wonder at how dirty the dusty books really are versus the microbe-rich environment of computer keyboards. Anybody happen to know what the rate of infection for either or both is, by the way? Curious.

Rock on with your day now.

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David Rothman said...

Woody, I posted about the baterial contamination of communal computer keyboards at my own blog. There is a link to a recent study there as well: