Wednesday, April 12, 2006

voynich manuscript and ed kelley

What's the Voynich Manuscript? It's a big mystery. What's the link between this strange manuscript and Ed Kelley? Did Kelley forge it, or what?

These hints: come thanks to the friendly folks over at Key 23. Despite all the educated guesses (like the one below), there seems to be no conclusive evidence as to what the meaning (or language) of the manuscript is, or who is responsible for creating it.

Terence McKenna even had a try. See this, and this, and especially these.

Gordon Rugg ("The Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript", Scientific American, July 04) writes: "Elizabethan scholar John Dee and his disreputable associate Edward Kelley visited the court of Rudolf II during the 1580s. Kelley was a notorious forger, mystic and alchemist who was familiar with Cardan grilles. Some experts on the Voynich manuscript have long suspected that Kelley was the author." His article's about his discovery that it is feasible to create work similar to the Voynich by means of a coding tool. This shores up support for those that think Kelley made the manuscript.

But still, anybody who could really know is very likely long dead.


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Jessamyn said...

you can go see the Voynich manuscript over at Yale. I did. I think it makes the Beinekke librarians happy to have something quirky and itneresting to show off.