Monday, April 10, 2006

third world libraries 1

Friends of African Village Libraries works to help villages in Africa get libraries up and running. Donations go to buy materials and maintain collections, hire a librarian, and train library assistants. Their mission:

FAVL is dedicated to increasing access to reading material and other information in rural villages in sub-Saharan Africa. The goal of FAVL is to serve all members of the village community. One core public served is the local community of readers- both schoolchildren, adult learners, and other persons commited to reading. Being able to read educates the mind and expands the imagination. Most children, particularly in rural areas, have little access to books. While they may go to school, they will probably have little opportunity to read age appropriate material out of the classroom. We believe that every child and adult should have the opportunity to pick up a book and read. Another core public served by village libraries are local farmers, crafts-makers, traders, and others who use to library to acquire specific information- whether about building a compost pit, a chicken coop, or treatment of dysentery. FAVL strives to include in every library collection as much relevant, useful information as is available."

Check it out.

So far they've set up half a dozen libraries in Burkina Faso and Ghana, with plans for more.

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