Saturday, April 15, 2006

blackmarket microeconomics

The BBC reports:

"US officers have been buying back stolen computer drives, many of which contain sensitive military data, from an Afghan market near a key airbase.

Shopkeepers in the bazaar, next to the Bagram airbase outside Kabul, have been selling the finger-sized "flash drives" reportedly stolen from the facility.

An inquiry has begun into how security was breached at Bagram. Shopkeepers said the drives were stolen by Afghans employed at the base as cleaners, office staff and labourers."


Mood: "neener neener neener"
Shushing: those who can work but choose not to.
Listening: Devo
Reading: Enochian Experiments of Benjamin Rowe
Watching: The Yes Men

Weather: hot, dry, dark, and windy, with random helicopters.

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