Wednesday, April 22, 2009

lib inst cms's

Thinking about instructional CMS... Libguides looks might smooth, very nice. Austin Community College seems to know how to use the tools.  But is the brand worth the money?

Now looking at Library a la Carte from Oregon State...

Seems to get the same job done.  Free & free, too.

But I'll keep reading and looking at yr CMS ventures, looking for gaps, failings, and wonderful things.  We're starting to wake up after 13 years now, and so we be late somewhat to the libguides action and other things.  I hold out hope that we may still woo our peeps even coming so late to the dancefloor like.

The Thing seems to be to me right now that I need to talk about the web with the web.  I need to talk about web tools (and even our dustybooks are found with a webtool) with web tools.  McLuhan and wot-wot: it's not just steam and bluster.  The medium, the medium.  If I keep talking websearch technique with paper and ink my audience will pick up, rightly, on the mental disconnect at work that keeps me from really groking the tool I demo.

It is time to get a little further out in the pond (all this is in ref to instruction, btw), and show folks how to swim, float, paddle, play, move, traverse, in the... uh... water.  While in the water.

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Spencer said...

It's like you have to take a group of people who think they know how to swim and then tell them they are wrong- deconstructing their mistakes using slate and chalk. I think you've nailed it on the head.