Friday, April 24, 2009

building library 3.0

Amazon's US page for my book is:


Got a book due out soon.  It's with the copy-editor now, an able chap named Peter Williams.

Here, I'll summarize the book.  Libraries gotta get with supporting niche groups & 'communities of interest' with 2.0 tools now so that when Semantic (web 3.0) applications start spilling out and wowing our public, we stand ready as trustworthy midwives to help them manage and evaluate more information than they've ever had to deal with before.  Hope my pubisher don't mind me doing that (sorry Dr. J for spilling the beans!), but that's what it's about.  Maybe you'll still see fit to buy a copy.

I interview such luminaries as Jessamyn West, Lori Bell, Bruce Sterling... other good stuff from other good folks too.  Todd Humble talks RFID.  Ramona Holmes talks Metadata.

It should be out by June, maybe even late May, but it's already peeping at:

It's the best statement I could have made about these issues at the time I was writing it, and I can't say it any better now than I could have some months ago.

Hope you'll find something valuable there.

This thing is a sort of love letter to libraries, but I think now it's also a kind of manifesto.
We've got A LOT OF work TO DO.  As usual.  It's the future again.  Look for it soon.

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