Monday, June 16, 2008

second life library quick note

In the last year I've heard folks speak on behalf of Second Life Library twice at conferences, and I've been in touch w/ SLL ( staff through this blog. I've yet to hear a good answer to the simple question how does Second Life help my patrons at my reference desk tonight?

The answers usually float around Mars, then veer toward institutional marketing, sweep back into a low-earth orbit around how cool it is to run around texting goth-dinosaur-bunnies.

Somebody, please, give me a better answer.

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Spencer Smith said...

The answer is, "It doesn't help your patrons at all Mr. Evans. Especially considering the amazingly low percentage of your patrons that participate in second life at all."

Basically, this is an excuse for librarians to play games online while pretending to do something job related. No one complains, because then it will be taken away and they'll have to find something else to do instead of doing their jobs.