Tuesday, April 15, 2008

springshare libguides copy 2

Yeah, I got my teeth into this gummy junk now.

Of this corpus:

Google Schmoogle

Sure, your users can search Google and your online databases to find information. But you, the librarian, are the key to successful research. Heck, nobody knows research better! With LibGuides you help patrons find stuff they need and show them information they didn't even know existed! Now, patrons have best of both worlds! In addition, with LibGuides patrons can chat with you and ask questions in real time, via chat widgets like meebo, or by using instant messenger apps.

I find the following terms particularly problematic (in terms expressed previously):


The three consecutive exclamation points don't work to make me feel any, like, better. You can, heck, call me, like, totally stiff if you wanna! Talk to, like, the hand!

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Spencer Smith said...

"instant messenger apps." gets me. Why not just say IM apps? Someone had to make the decision that doing that would have been crossing a line somewhere! Did they have a nifty avatar selection? I hate people.