Monday, June 26, 2006

comics 10

Reading Transmet again. I'm surprised to find it more mature than I remember. All the fixation on excrement and gorging on monkey meat reads as a kind of ruse. The pomp and self-righteous tirades of Spider Jerusalem are fun, as they always were, but also sadder this time around -- like the antics come from anger that's been mellowed for a long time in Spider's loneliness (or Warren Ellis's). If that makes sense. I'm really enjoying them this time, though the transhumanism stuff is passe now -- and that's scary on its own, as its only been a few years since I read them for the first time, and since they've only been around for, what, nine years now? I guess the ideas are starting to show their age. But that's the thing. Transmet jump-started alot of the popular notions of transhumanism a long time before anybody but the scientists and sociologists were thinking about this stuff at all. It's still good to revisit the story.

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