Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I've started a sister blog to this one. It's called libSOS (for "library SOS"), and it's all about "Hacks for Librarians. Shortcuts, freebies, sharables, good ideas, quick tips, tricks, suggestions, and hopeful notions for underfunded d.i.y. librarians who live somewhere on Earth and need to get the information to the people."

The idea is to make info available for tinkering, modding, tricking-out, re-vamping, and skin-of-teething for librarians who lack the funds or support they need to get the information to the people. The aim is to share ideas that let us get the information to the people despite the challenges we face.

I hope that posts will range from the very specialized (skirting Sharia law to distribute books in Khartoum) to the universal (repairing a torn page with home-made paste).

I haven't seen anything like this elsewhere, but if I've missed it give me a shout -- and feel free to, too, if you have suggestions or want to share a tip.

The blog is


Shushing: book burners

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