Wednesday, May 03, 2006

an inconvenient truth

I'm from Mississippi. I love Mississippi. Mississippi is a slightly coastal state (kind of north-west of Cuba). I've got family still living in FEMA trailers (and this is 3 May 2006).

Which is a preferatory note to say that I'm perpetually interested in what the big-hairdos in our halls of power have to say about "global warming". So I'm going to see Mr. Gore's take on the subject by way of his movie An Inconvienient Truth (FYI, here's a link), in hopes it indicates a shift of priorities in re: global warming amongst the hairdo crowd, and out of curiousity.


A few "global warming" resources I've found to be of use:

For Kids:

Climate change items from NOAA:

Kyoto Protocol:

Documenting change:

Union of Concerned Scientists:


I like my books dry.

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