Tuesday, April 07, 2009

patron granulation again, due date chance

This at LISNews (http://lisnews.org/due_date_stamps_thing_past) reminds me of a previous thought (http://ishush.blogspot.com/2008/07/patron-granulation.html)... maybe the very CONCEPT of due dates, or rigid & standard due dates, is kinda not-needed.  A flexible tiered style of 'account types' which gives different due dates, item number allowances, renewal limits, etc. is in order -- Netflix style.

For an additional $5 per month (ontop yr land taxes), get the 'supporter' library card which gives you an extra 10 items and an extra 2 days.

For an additional $10, get all the above, plus you can take up to 10 DVDs out at a time, etc. etc. etc.

...Different account types for different patron needs & styles.


Spencer Smith said...

I like this idea very much. However, this would add a layer of class elitism into the library- those who can afford to pay more get more. I have no problem with this- but I think we both know that the people who run the libraries do. Not to mention, if I was going to spend $10 a month I would just pay for netflix- where the selection is better and the DVDs are guaranteed to play.

I really do like it, but I'd have to see it work before I believed it.

Also, you should check out Haltom City's policy on item limits- THERE ARE NO LIMITS! I worked there as a clerk during grad school and would regularly check out people with 30+ DVDs at a time... of course their DVDs check out for 3 weeks with the same late fees as books too!

WE said...

I think yr right Spence - this could lead to an elitism of sorts -- but not a very serious one in my estimation. For ex., I don't feel particularly 'left out' if I elect to pay less for less service thru my video store. It's a choice thing rather than class thing,,, but since this deals with public money, there could be more here to the class issues than it at first seems...?