Monday, November 06, 2006

zipit linux?

Can anybody run Linux on this Zipit wifi device?

How does it work out? How do you think this would play in the field for relief workers, post-hurricane?

How feasible is it to build-in an RFID read/writer?

If it did work well as mobile device, who out there can think of an authoritative, free, text-based medical database?


j.c. said...

There is actually a pretty active linux hacking community for the zipit: can serve as a decent gateway, though it rightfully bills itself as openhardware-lite.

I'm not sure about it's use in a relief scenario, since that would depend largely on the remaining wifi architecture available for it to ride one. Presumably if one were unconcerned with washing out existing communications systems you could have a central point (or several less central but hardlinked points) just drowning the area in a usable signal.

Given that the audio segment of it would likely be unnecessary for your hexayurt/relief project, and that others think a standard serial port could be added to it, presumably linking RFID read/writers (which can boil down to glorified antennae) would be relatively simple.

On the medical DB, I got nothing, but that sure feels like the sort of thing you could handily crowdsource on a simple LAMP web-app.

Woody Evans said...

Thanks a bunch, J.C. I'm passing this on to the working group.

Anonymous said...

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