Monday, October 09, 2006

ISHUSH is Moving

this is still my backup blog.
tech probs at we dot com, so for a while i may camp here.

Follow me over to WoodyEvans.Com. The party continues there, 'til real, real late at night. ISHUSH has been fun, but now I'm homesteading in new territory.

It'll be about a week until I sort out all the technical bits, but do drop in.

- WE, 09 Oct 06.


I intend to let ISHUSH stand here for as long as it will. I may even, sometimes, add bits to it, develop bits, and move bits around. It'll be an archival-bank-type-thing for what I was thinking on this year. It's going to slow-burn, now, down to smoke and cinders... kind of like StreetMeatStation did. So.

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