Sunday, April 16, 2006


Update: another Sterling talk: Conjure Sci-Fi Convention in Brisbane.
Thanks Anonymous!


I'm always looking for good lectures I can listen to related to libraries, technology, politics, science, etc. Here's a list of sites I frequent for good audio/video:

bell hooks

MondoGlobo podcasts

Terence McKenna audio library

Free seminars from the Long Now Foundation (variety of great speakers)

Dreamland from Whitley Strieber

SirsiDynix Institute webinar archives

Bruce Sterling at SXSW, March 06

Web lectures by Stephen Hoeller
of the Gnostic Society

Noam Chomsky's Audio & Video library

More Terence McKenna (and the Shulgins, etc.)

C-SPAN's Booknotes archives

Public domain audiobooks
from LibriVox -- a great library of podcasts -- many categories and subjects


Reading: abt the Gospel of Judas


cynicalman said...

Thanks for this post, I look forward to wading through these fascinating links in a leisurely fashion.

Anonymous said...

Here's one for your list! Bruce Sterling addresses Conjure, the 45th National Science Fiction Convention, in Brisbane Australia.