Wednesday, March 29, 2006

geopolitical sources to remember 1

Stratfor has a new "free podcast" service here: -- Geopolitcal opinion, but usually very informed opinion.

CIA World Factbook: -- Basic maps, demographic, economic, political info.

Annotated bibliography on terrorism from University of California's Center for Unconventional Security Affairs:

University of Florida Libraries webliography for terrorism info (federal terrorism resources):

Diaster News from the Red Cross:,1074,0_507_,00.html.

Terrorism Research Center: -- A private "research" group. Good for news and good for keeping tabs on mercenaries.

Amnesty International's RSS feed for news related to worldwide human rights abuses:

The War in Context: -- Critical perspectives on the war against terror.

US AF News and Talking points: -- Half news / half PR, pretty useful.

News from the UN Security Council: and its resolutions relating to terrorism:

Human Rights Watch's news on Columbia: -- info on FARC, drugs, etc.

Great geopol resources from Princeton's Firestone library:

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